Friday, March 14, 2014

Whai is the melancholy

Melancholy is this bitter aftertaste to pronounce your name , because when I do , your answer is the echo of the empty
Melancholy is a bittersweet memories , so close that sometimes it seems that you are with me , and yet so far that seems to be deleted.

Melancholy is the dark room and so full of shadows where I live , where sunlight is not allowed to enter.
Melancholy is sadness that I feel when looking at your photos , it is this lump in my throat , is this void in the soul.
Melancholy is the longing to return to the past, is this want to step back, and erase the traces once leave , I inevitably away from what you love.

Melancholy is nostalgia with today I look back with sadness is that this look where you are not , is hoping to I cling to the future, and seeking to survive on empty I feel today .
At this moment of melancholy would your embrace more than ever.
At this moment of melancholy wheel this tear that takes your recorded name.
In this moment of sadness I feel short of breath breathing.

At this moment of melancholy every one of my thoughts is equal , and each of my beats take you inside.
At this moment of melancholy pick my past dreams that were present and you keep in that sacred place that only I have access , and I say that from now on I will build my new dreams, if I have to acknowledge with sadness that will not be in them .

At this moment of melancholy as ever and I miss you even though you want with the same intensity as yesterday , I decided to say goodbye
In this moment of sadness I say goodbye to the memories, and so I hope, also say goodbye to this sadness , this nostalgia, this melancholy and continue to the end .